Introducing DecimalMath

Ever been working on a project that requires Decimal precision, but then stuck because you need to use something from System.Math that would shave off half your precision?

I was in a similar situation several years ago. It made me wonder what it would actually take to implement something like Pow with a fractional exponent or the trig functions Sin, Cos, and Tan. It turns out that I had everything I needed with the help of sources like Google, Wikipedia (ex), and Wolfram MathWorld.

I adapted what I used in the past and created an open source portable library along with a NuGet package. Check it out and let me know what you think.

On GitHubDecimalMath – The repo readme also has more details about the library contents.

On NuGetDecimalMath.DecimalEx

Coming soon is an adaptation of a companion geometry library. It’s only on GitHub right now, but I’ll add it to NuGet when it’s cleaned up and unit tested. If there’s demand, I’ll create a preview package for this as well.

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