Create an iTunes Server by Running iTunes as a Service with iTuneService

If you’re one of those people that have invested heavily in the Apple ecosystem you’ll likely have most of your media in an iTunes library and use iTunes to serve media to your Apple devices. For some devices, such as the Apple TV, running iTunes on the network is the only easy way to access […]

MacBook Pro Right-Click Drag, Fxx Keys, etc.

The MBP comes with a beautiful backlit keyboard and a multitouch trackpad that is also a big button. Both are very pleasant and easy to use–unless you run Windows or run into an application that require that you press the Home key. Then you’re hunting newsgroups for the magical key combos. Here are a couple […]

Microsoft Backup (NTBackup.exe)

I created this blog so I could post about different things I’m working on, and I resolve with the new year to start doing so. I thought I’d begin by relating a difficult situation I had setting up an automated backup for my brother-in-law’s computer. I was trying to automate the use of NTBackup.exe which […]