Remote Debug GPIO on Raspberry Pi

Recently I’ve been getting into embedded Linux, particularly the Raspberry Pi and have consequently been learning Python. I really don’t like programming directly on these small devices since the environment is typically spare and slow. At first I used Cyberduck to open and update files along with a text editor. That became exhausting particularly as […]

GaragePi Update: IFTTT Maker Support!

Not satisfied with just a little overengineering, I decided to keep tinkering with my GaragePi project as my non-technical spouse rolled her eyes. A new update is available that brings support for IFTTT’s Maker Channel. There’s also some backend stuff that makes the app a bit more secure. See release notes for details and the […]

Create an iTunes Server by Running iTunes as a Service with iTuneService

If you’re one of those people that have invested heavily in the Apple ecosystem you’ll likely have most of your media in an iTunes library and use iTunes to serve media to your Apple devices. For some devices, such as the Apple TV, running iTunes on the network is the only easy way to access […]

Introducing GaragePi

Overengineer your garage door with your Raspberry Pi! Update Feb 2016! New support for IFTTT Maker Channel I just released a project I’ve been playing with for a while. With it, you can use a Raspberry Pi to open or close your garage door and to sense whether it’s currently open. You can do this […]

Introducing DecimalMath

Ever been working on a project that requires Decimal precision, but then stuck because you need to use something from System.Math that would shave off half your precision? I was in a similar situation several years ago. It made me wonder what it would actually take to implement something like Pow with a fractional exponent […]

2015 Tool Kit

I was listening recently to a sort of rant by Erik Meijer and amongst the other amusing gripes he said something that set me thinking. Amongst everything else, he complained how developers are not willing to pay for other software tools. He related how chefs will buy their own premium knives and carry them to […]

Monitoring Locks in a C# Multi-threaded Application

The Hairy Problem The other day I was debugging a hairy deadlock in a large application at work. When I say hairy, I mean dozens of threads, all potentially able to walk through the same areas, events raised inside a lock, and calls to other methods that recursively enter the same lock. The only way […]

Using Gmail Aliases in iOS 7 (iPhone or iPad)

Among other mail improvements, iOS 7 does a better job of selecting the ‘from’ address when replying to an e-mail. But if you’re like me you weren’t able to take advantage of this with the way you handle your Gmail aliases. (A Gmail alias, for those who don’t know, is simply another e-mail address that […]