Remote Debug GPIO on Raspberry Pi

Recently I’ve been getting into embedded Linux, particularly the Raspberry Pi and have consequently been learning Python. I really don’t like programming directly on these small devices since the environment is typically spare and slow. At first I used Cyberduck to open and update files along with a text editor. That became exhausting particularly as […]

Compare Word Documents in Git

The other day I was working on some documentation and wanted to do a simple diff between two word documents. I remembered that Word has a comparison feature. Unfortunately, it has a very clunky file selection dialog and of course you have to extract the older version from git if you want to compare. I […]

Information Sources

After putting together a list of tools, I thought I’d throw together a list of where I go to keep current and and expand my knowledge. News Sources Ars Technica – An interesting mishmash of tech-focused new. It’s kind of a big-picture view of what’s going on. Comments are pretty decent too. Reddit – r/programming […]

2015 Tool Kit

I was listening recently to a sort of rant by Erik Meijer and amongst the other amusing gripes he said something that set me thinking. Amongst everything else, he complained how developers are not willing to pay for other software tools. He related how chefs will buy their own premium knives and carry them to […]